Why A Sub Zero Refrigerator Is The Best

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December 6, 2016
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Sub Zero Refrigerator

Why A Sub Zero Refrigerator Is The Best

A Sub-Zero refrigerator is the best built-in refrigerator brand on the market. Read any residential interior design magazine or get feedback from any of your friends who has experience hiring an interior designer to work on their home, specially if it is the kitchen and you will realize that Sub-Zero is the right choice in the high end market of appliances.

It’s easy to understand why interior designers prefer Sub-Zero over other high end refrigerator brands? Possible linear correlations may include: Made in USA, exquisite design, superior craftsmanship and performance.

Since Sub Zero was funded in 1943 by Westye F Bakke in Madison Wisconsin, this high end refrigerator manufacturer started off with the right mission in mind. To be the best manufacturer of built-in refrigerators in United States and the world. This constant pursuit of cutting edge technology paired with some the most brilliant minds is why Sub Zero Refrigerators are the best in the market worldwide.

Family Owned Manufacturer & Made in The USA is the Sub Zero Standard

Sub-Zero stays ahead in the high tech refrigeration market by consistently re-investing a good portion of its profits right back into the company. It was just less than 6 years ago, Current CEO James Bakke, renovated the production line in Madison, WI. applying the latest technologies and implementations to the entire factory floor. And then immediately started working in re-designing a new builtin refrigeration series.

It is this reinvestment of capital that allows Sub-Zero to position itself at the leading front of all its current competitors on the R&D department. That is the sole reason why most high tech advancements in the refrigeration market appear first on a Sub-Zero model.

What makes Sub Zero the Best Refrigerator brand?

  • Dual Compressor System

A dual compressor system in every model is what right away separates Sub Zero refrigerators from its competitors. The benefits of a dual compressor system is that it allows the refrigerator and the freezer independent compartments to run on completely independent systems. This provides a precise humidity and temperature control individually, and best of all it works as a total system failure safety net. In the case one the compressors stops working the remaining compressor pickup the load and works as a secondary backup to prevent a catastrophic situation and to provide essential time to get a refrigerator repair company onsite to fix the problem.

Note that almost all refrigerators in the market work only with a single compressor, which is internally controlled by temperature thermostat.  So, in case the refrigerator temperature rises above a certain pre-established level, the compressor kicks in to flow air between the refrigerator and the freezer compartments to constantly regulate the refrigerator’s temperature internally.

  • The Logic Behind Sub-Zero’s Dual Compressor System:

It is quite obvious that it is not efficient to use a single compressor to regulate two compartments that operate at different independent temperatures. Moreover, the more the refrigerator internal temperature fluctuates, the faster the food kept refrigerated inside spoils.  it is all about maintaining humidity and temperature stability to prevent food stored inside from getting spoiled.

As a real life example the tangible difference in produce shelf life tends to surprise new Sub-Zero owners when even though fresh cabbage tends to spoil very quickly, it lasts 4-6 weeks in a Sub-Zero refrigerator.

It is pretty obvious that the benefits of adding extra weeks to the shelf life of the contents of your fridge: A ton of less money wasted on spoiled food, less work throwing away expired food forgotten in the fridge and best of all, all those fewer trips to the grocery store you are going to save.

  • Sub Zero Refrigeration Technology -NASA Designed Air Purification System

Every new Sub-Zero refrigerator features an air purification system that was designed by NASA for use on board their space shuttles. The same technology that keeps astronauts alive thousands of miles from earth also purifies the air inside a Sub-Zero fridge.

The inter-changeable filter lowers bacteria, odors, viruses and ethylene gas. Fruits and veggies as they age and begin to decompose release Ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is responsible for the ripening process of fruits.

Refrigerators without a proper filtration system keep all the ethylene gas in the refrigerator compartment. It then comes in contact with other produce and accelerates the not so great spoiling process. The leading food preservation system with its air purification system in a Sub-Zero has no comparison in the market.

  • Rugged Lexan Plastic Compartments

Lexan Plastic is the material used to make sports and space helmets, bullet-resistant windows and high-performance windshields. Sub-Zero refrigerators use the same material for its drawers and shelves. This is a demonstration of Sub-Zero’s company philosophy entirely. Sub-Zero fridges use commercial grade Lexan plastic even in their door shelves where other companies cut corners using low grade materials. Sub Zero guarantees that all refrigerator parts from the nuts and bolts to the compressor are built only with the highest quality materials.

  • An Industry-Leading Warranty

Sub-Zero’s residential warranty is the best in the market:

  1. Two years against workmanship or defective materials on all parts and labor.
  2. Parts and labor are covered up to 5 years including the condenser, compressor, drier, all connecting tubing and evaporator.
  3. Twelve year sealed system warranty guarantees replacements or repairs on the same 5 parts from the 5 year warranty.
  4. Longevity is what has positioned Sub-Zero as the leading built-in refrigerator brand on the market. A Sub-Zero refrigerator is built to last and the warranty reassures it. Once in a while, we run into people who after several decades of use are finally replacing their Sub-Zero refrigerator in some cases even after 35 years of reliable and unquestionable service.

The Biggest Question: Is a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Worth the Price?

Sub-Zero is the most expensive of the lot of the high end built in refrigerator brands. So the true question here is whether it’s refrigerators justify the premium price tag. To constructively answer this, one needs to think what ones priorities are and about why you are exploring the market to begging with.

In case you have fallen in love with the built-in look to create extra space in your kitchen floor plan, there are several other unobtrusive options, such as counter depth refrigerators, for pretty much a fraction of the cost.

However if you want the best of the best refrigerator money can buy for you, Sub-Zero is unequivocally the number one built-in refrigerator brand for your kitchen. They come with best-in-class components, industry leading warranty and a relentless unwillingness to compromise and unfairly cut corners in their product development department.

This attention to detail even extends to Fair Deal Appliance, service repair provider of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. Fair Deal Appliance offers white glove repair service, a guaranteed 2 hour service window and the highest customer satisfaction reviews in the City of Houston. Best of all, Fair Deal Appliance focuses on taking care of their clients for the entire life of the Sub Zero refrigerator.

Quality of life is why a Sub Zero refrigerator is the best. Buying a Sub-Zero refrigerator is an investment in the quality of your food.

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