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December 12, 2016
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December 8, 2017
Refrigerator Not Cooling

There can be a large array of things that cause your refrigerator and/or freezer not to be cooling, as it should. An appliance professional will troubleshoot and check your refrigerator thoroughly to identify the malfunction and can replace any parts you need to get it working correctly.

Inadequate Defrosting
Refrigerators have evaporator coils inside of the freezer compartment. When the compressor is engaged, the coils become colder than freezing and a fan blows the cold air around the evaporator into both the freezer and the refrigerator side. Every so often, your appliance goes through a defrost system to melt the ice build up on the evaporator coils. If the defrost cycle is not working, there will be ice buildup to a point where no airflow can circulate around them to cool your food. This is usually visible inside of the freezer compartment as ice on the evaporator.

Malfunctioning Fans
If the fans inside your refrigerator or freezer are not running to circulate the cool air, it will not keep the compartments cool. If the condenser fan is faulty, the compressor will shut off due to an overload. The evaporator fan is the one that circulates the cold air in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. If either one underneath the refrigerator or in the freezer are not running, it could be a simple case that something is blocking them, or they may need replacing.

Refrigerator not Cooling and Top Freezer Leaking
If the refrigerator is not cooling and you have a top freezer that is leaking, you will see a water leak inside the refrigerator. This indicates that the freezer drain is stopped up with water that turned to ice to fill the air ducts and is not allowing airflow to the refrigerator compartment. A Fair Deal Appliance technician will remove the evaporator cover and remove or defrost all the ice. Then the drain needs to be unclogged of ice with a blast of hot water through the drain.

Faulty Condenser
IF the condenser on your refrigerator is dirty, it can cause your refrigerator not to cool properly. The thermostat on the side of the compressor cuts it off when it overheats due to dust and debris buildup. Sometimes this is indicated by a clicking noise a few minutes apart. The rear cover of the refrigerator needs removing to access the condenser. A special brush is used to clean the coils with the refrigerator unplugged. After cleaning, your technician will wait a bit and plug it back in.

Bad Start Relay/Compressor
The start relay switch can be faulty and cause your refrigerator not to cool properly. When this happens the compressor will not run, but will instead click every 2 to 5 minutes. This is the overload switch operating to cut the compressor off due to it trying to start with a bad start relay and overheating. Your professional will remove the rear panel of the refrigerator and check the start relay for function. He may replace the start relay or if it is functioning, he may need to replace the compressor.

Faulty Defrost Mode
If your refrigerator is stuck in the defrost mode, it will not cool properly. A professional will reset the timer and if the compressor comes on, will replace the defrost timer.

Temperature Controls
At times, the temperature controller in the refrigerator may need replacing. If the control is turned all the way to the highest (coldest) setting, the refrigerator compressor should start. If it doesn’t, the temperature control needs replacing.

Main Control Board
Newer models of refrigerators contain a main control board as an electronic component. A technician needs to diagnose this problem, as he will have the wiring diagram and all of the tools to check it, such as a multimeter. This would be about the most expensive repair for a refrigerator not cooling.

For refrigerator repair in Houston on all brands including Viking, Thermathor and Sub Zero and Wolf, call our experienced and knowledgeable technicians at Fair Deal Appliance. No matter why your refrigerator isn’t cooling correctly, we can fix it right. Our services and parts are fully covered under our warranty.

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