Refrigerator Leaking Water

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Refrigerator Leaking Water

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If you have a refrigerator leaking water inside or out of the bottom you may just have to hire an appliance repair company that specializes on refrigerator repair.

When a refrigerator repair technician checks for water under the refrigerator, they visually inspect the front legs as well as the drain hole and clean them if its necessary. Refrigerators are designed in a way where the condensation is routed from inside the refrigerator into a draining hole and then into a dripping pan at the bottom engineered to evaporate all that condensation fluid accumulated. Refrigerators are designed with a slight tilt backwards so all the water accumulated flows directly into the draining pan. That’s why you may see the appliance repair technician trying to adjust how the refrigerator is leveled. All they do to get it to work properly is to re-adjust the front legs so that the refrigerator leans back slightly enough that the water flows by itself.

What Professionals Do:

A very simple way to know if the fridge is tilted the correct way is to check that the door closes by itself.

The technician should have a helper slightly tip the refrigerator back so he can get right under it to manually adjust parts.

The tech may try to raise its front legs to raise the overall level of the fridge.

If after troubleshooting, the problem still continues then he may have to completely move the refrigerator down to evaluate why the adjustments do not work as supposed to. Right there he may use a level to make sure the legs are setup the proper way.

Technical Precautions:

Refrigerators are designed to be almost level and when tilted too much it may cause even more severe problems internally in the fridge.

If you see the technician is struggling or can not simply adjust the refrigerator legs, he may put a shim right under to compensate for un-leveled floors for refrigerator hardware that can not be adjusted further.

What To Do IF It Still Does Not Work?

If for any additional reason adjusting the legs does not fix the water leak problem, then the technician may have to clear the drain hole. Most of the time it is done my using a low PSI compressor and injecting air into the line and drain.

  1. The refrigerator repair technician will look for the drain tubes at the bottom of the refrigerator.

  2. Sometime he will try to spray pipe cleaner through the tubes.

  3. The technician may try to apply a mild solution of water, detergent and ammonia down the draining tube to eliminate all possible bacteria.

  4. He may have to remove the front grill to check the draining pan right underneath the refrigerator.

  5. If the appliance technician successfully get water in the pan then that means the water will evaporate and the problem is totally fixed.

Some rare cases where the technician may have different challenges may be when the refrigerator is leaking water in a room with no air conditioning such as a car garage.

Condensation forms as the heat from the motor flows across the cold exterior, this mixed of cold and hot temperatures creates condensation and forms water drop that then drip on the floor. All the appliance pro may do is to install an space heater nearby, and if there’s no more water, you know condensation was the problem. He may advise you to permanently fix the problem by moving the refrigerator to a warmer space.


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