Homeowner with AV issues? Multimedia Tech has systems integrators ready to help

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System integrators are hard to find, and if homeowners try to avoid calling home service providers it is partly because a good client experience has been missing for decades: home AV support.


Now, a recently launched Houston start-up fills that gap, hiring only certified systems integrators to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Multimedia Tech rates start at $99 an hour to drive to your home and assist you with tv installations, home theater installations, remote control programming, speaker installations, projector and projector screen installations and much more. The Geek Squad has offered similar services for about a decade, but Multimedia Tech founder Francisco Hernandez proudly says his custom integration company aims to compete with competitive prices, outstanding flexibility on requests, service requests within 24 hours and most importantly a superior ability to offer advice on future av equipment purchases.

Francisco Hernandez, a longtime entrepreneur. Opened Multimedia Tech in 2010 and has served more than 8,000 clients with his company.

To start, Multimedia Tech is servicing the greater Houston area, down from Galveston to Conroe, with about 25 technicians, mostly certified integrators from college students from schools such as University of Houston and Houston Community College. Technicians undergo online coursework, background checks, training in the field and classroom training.

“Our integrators posses the technical expertise and work hard to get even the hardest and biggest projects done plus we provide our integrators with the best communication and support” Francisco said of integrator who have developed their professional careers accustomed to helping clients with av technology. “It is a perfect match.”

Unlike the Geek Squad, the integrator are long time employees and have completed thousands of av installations. When we welcome a new members to the team, they received an average wage of $25 an hour, Francisco said; they expect a forty-hour workweek or more on average. Their day starts with an early meeting with the area manager that works as a team leader then they start heading to the client’s home and end that project until the customer is satisfied with the installation. They service the homes and businesses of people of all type of clients, millennials, generation and baby boomers Francisco remarks.

The integrators will leave clients after reassuring “the home system is completely integrated”, such as the living room audio can also play outside in the patio or the smart remote can control the av system on the second floor and also can reliably change the av sources in the server room to access media from online streaming providers. Our hope is that the clients turn to Multimedia Tech if they decide to purchase that av equipment, providing another revenue stream for the startup company.

“The amount of new av technology available for homes and businesses has exploded, and the number of reliable systems integration companies that successfully can provide professional support about them has immensely shrunk,” Francisco said. “We can be a primary source of selling the new av technology because we know the specs and know what is compatible and what’s not so performance is always at its peak”

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