1Do We Have Insurance?
Yes, of course we do! We are cover for up to 2 million dollars per occurrence in case is required. At the moment, we have a flawless record
2Do Our Appliance Repair Techs Have Licenses?
Yes! All of our appliance repair technicians and sales staff at Fair Deal Appliance are licensed by the state and have attended at a minimum +200 training courses with certifications on a wide variety of home appliance technologies. The combination of the latest technology, advanced tools, experience and extensive training is the best way to reach perfection and knowledge to deliver an always reliable appliance repair service for you.
3Do We Sell Appliance Parts?
Yes of course we do! We are authorized sellers for over 200 brand appliances! We provide all the necessary parts to properly fix your appliances along with the best tools, techniques and of course warranties!
4Do We Accept Credit Cards?
Yes we accept all type of credit card payments when you book your appointment, we also accept commercial checks and cash once the job is done!
5Do You Have to Be Home?
Yes! We will require someone to be at home or business to open the door, If possible the person who placed the order from us. But if you choose not to be at home please let us know with anticipation if there’s any access key or code to get to your home.