Ducted Vs Ductless Range Hoods

Refrigerator Not Cooling
Refrigerator Not Cooling?
March 26, 2017
Ducted Vs Ductless Range Hoods Infographic

The following infographic displays the pros and cons of using ducted vs ductless range hoods.

Ducted range hoods ventilate via ductwork to get dispose of grease, odors, heat and smoke. It normally uses a aluminium grease filters or baffle filters to remove grease from the air. With the benefit that the filter is dishwasher friendly and can be reused.

Ductless range hoods do not require ductwork and normally use non-reusable charcoal filters and a stainless steel air diverted. It is a more affordable solution when ductwork can not be installed.

Ducted Vs Ductless Range Hoods Infographic

Without either type of range hood, indoor air pollution collects in the kitchen, especially during heavy duty cooking and frying of foods.

Use a range hood whenever you are cooking in an enclosed kitchen; the range hood will keep the home a healthy space. Also, turn on the range hood to avoid grease build-up, which can damage your kitchen interior.

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